Prime Number Magazine Issue 17, January-March 2012

“Slipstream, Satire, and Mainstream: An Online Journal With Many Offerings, Review of Prime Number, Winter 2012,” Sarah Crow“…Gleah Powers’ “Art Lessons” is strong on its Southwest setting and on characterizing the narrator’s infamous old art teacher…” The Review Review

Art Lessons

The summer I turned seventeen, my mother took me to Paul Roberge’s studio to study art. He told her he didn’t accept everyone and I had to bring samples of my work. He was the best artist in Phoenix, known for his drawing and painting skills and his many public sculptures and murals including the Phoenix Bird at Sky Harbor airport. My mother thought the Phoenix Bird was “God-awful,”…

This story is now part of my memoir, Million Dollar Red.


"Art Lessons" was also chosen for publication in Prime Number Magazine, Editors’ Selections: Volume 2, 2012 and    recognized in “Notable Stories” the Million Writers Award 2013.