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Adventurer, Survivor, Artist: Gleah Powers’ Memoir Million Dollar Red, Lois Lane Investigates Authors for Medium

"You’ve worked a fascinating array of day-jobs — everything from a nightclub dancer, shoeshine girl and clown to an administrative assistant, and are now a health and lifestyle coach. Would you say your paying work inspired your writing and art, or was it a struggle to find time for your craft, or both?"

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"I recently read the novel Edna & Luna, about an unconventional connection formed by two very different women in the face of a culture that is often isolating. Gleah Powers creates believable, unique characters and I was so interested in learning about her writing process."

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Gleah Powers: New Delta Review Contributor Interview, THE NDR BLOG

"If you could collaborate with any other artist (past included) on a new project, who would it be and why?"

"Laurie Anderson. I’ve been a fan since the 80s. Her mix of technology, music, art and culture is unlike anything I’ve seen. I recently read an interview with her in The Creative Independent. I love these quotes: “A giant blue painting can be much more about freedom than 1800 performance pieces about how..."

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Gleah Powers: Authenticity and the Southwest Sensibility, Red Savina Review, March 12, 2015

"Your work, in my opinion, comes off as hyper-authentic. What does the word “authentic” mean to you as it applies to literary writing?"

"At one time, in the literary world, there was a category in fiction called “autobiographical fiction.” I don’t hear that term anymore, but most of my work tends to land in that camp. I would also call it the fiction of memory. Maybe it’s the synthesization of real life and..."




Artist Recognition: Featured as Artist of the Day, April 19, 2018

3 Paintings Featured in The Rumpus. Click here to see "Ten", "Shiprock Memory", and "Private Graffiti".

3 Paintings Featured in Vine Leaves Literary Journal: ​​a Collection of Vignettes from Across the Globe, "Dollin", "Private Graffiti", and "Poolside Graffiti".

3 Paintings Featured in Gulf Stream Lit Mag, Online Issue #15 Click here to see "Embracement", here to see "Birthing Bones", and here for "Untitled".

“Most of my artistic friends and colleagues have more than one genre in which they indulge. But usually there is an obvious primary hat to wear: an actor who paints, a painter who writes poetry, a poet who dances, a dancer who writes short stories. Gleah wears all of these hats, and more, and damned if I can identify the main hat. To my sensibilities her voice is remarkably strong..." — Phil Rice, Canopic Jar, an Arts Journal

Featured Artist
“A strong, southwest influence, mixed with my extensive background as a writer, dancer and practitioner of body and movement therapies come together in surprising ways as I work to make new fusions of perfected form that speak back to me." Red Savina Review, Artist Showcase #7