Permafrost Magazine, Issue 39.2 2017


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Case No. BC303 918 Labor Code Violations, Promissory Fraud; Breach of
Contract Deposition of Gleah Powers, taken by and on behalf of the Defendants
at 1901 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1501, Los Angeles, California

If you give a wrong answer or  incomplete answer, you can change  that. However, I can question you at the time of trial about any of the changes. Any lawyer or I can comment about the changes and you can be questioned about it. Do you understand that?

Is there any particular place to which you have not had access or which you have not searched where you think you might have additional documents such as signed contracts, such as, for instance, a storage locker or something like that?

Quote. “Beginning in June 2002, plaintiff began efforts to be paid proper wages for her time worked,” period, close quote. 

So the first such effort to which you’re referring to was the June 24 letter; is that true?

Okay. And it says, “Efforts to be paid proper wages.” What do you mean by proper wages?

Ms Powers, isn’t it true that the only reason you were locked out of the studio was because you had terminated your relationship with Ms C and when you were asked to return your keys, you did not comply? To spare you any embarrassment, you were called and told of the lockout.

Give me a brief summary of your formal education. High school, colleges, universities. 

Do you remember ever having any academic ambitions to acquire a degree? 

Where is the University of the Americas?

Was there some reason that you wanted to leave the United States at the time you went to Mexico?

Why did you go there in the first place? 

For no particular reason?

You refuse to answer on the advice of counsel; is that correct?

Were you ever a freshman in a program in an institution of higher learning leading to a degree?

And all things considered, as you recollect it, why did you never receive a degree?

Have you ever had any particular career ambitions in connection with either the Martha Graham Institute or any other organization?

What kind of dance did you study?

Did you ever dance in an actual production?

What dance productions were you in?
Do you remember how many?

Do you remember what kind of productions they were?

Do you remember the titles of any of the productions?

Do you remember the composers or the choreographers or anything else?

Or anything distinguishable about them?

What was your first full-time employment as an adult?

If you don’t remember the 60s, how about the 70s? Do you remember having any full-time jobs in the 1970s?

You understand that my questions, your answers, everything is being transcribed into written form. You’re going to be given that transcript and asked to sign it under penalty of perjury.

Do you understand?




You might as well speak Russian.

In North Carolina, I stayed at a bed and breakfast on a goat farm where they made cheese. The goats tried to eat my pants. I wanted to lie down and watch TV. South Wind Farms, the massage school where I was teaching, was up the road past three Baptist churches.

Outside the studio window, there was a bush with reddish color crosses on the leaves. They told me it had been a tree. Jesus got upset for some reason, I can’t remember why, and reduced it to a bush. I thought they were kidding but when I laughed, they didn’t. 

In San Antonio, they called me Miz Gleah. A woman named Dottie was afraid to open her legs. She held her knees together. I kept reminding her to spread herself open. My voice carried across the room over the music. By the third day, her hips and legs were those of an octopus.

Wave movements crashed through the body of another woman who later said she’d gotten into S&M so she could feel something. Experiencing herself as a fluid being was what she’d been longing for.

In Cave Creek, Arizona, on different days when we did various breaths and sounds, a baby bobcat and a snake tried to get into the workshop room. 

I didn’t want to travel through the Bible belt. I did it for her. I didn’t want to lie down in the middle of them and demonstrate how to let waves undulate through my body. Some thought I was the devil. I dreamt I was John the Baptist. My birthday is the same day as his. I’d come to show them how to anoint themselves.

No more chewing on my bones by anyone but me.

Ms C has spent a lifetime freeing herself from the confines of Culture. The vision of a universal human beckoned her.

She pounded her flat hand on the
Mexican tabletop. I told her I would leave if she continued raging. She said she still loved me. 

“Your letter was flat and demanding. It didn’t sound like you. It was not an undulating wave movement of Haitian prayer.”

Ms C’s office manager, Lori, was bigger than ever. She wore a huge purple tent dress for the raging session.

This is organism adjudication,
Haitian badgering.
B said, “Don’t go against her. You don’t know her wrath.”
Unlawful business practices are okay in a bio-spiritual world.

Ms C says she can do voodoo.

She danced in a Haitian hut.
We are composed of a substance that has no boundary.

I’m being shunned.

The Haitian voodoo snake queen is putting a spell on me.

I felt myself drawn deeper into the primal call of the drums.

My known self dissolved into the memory of those ancient rhythms.

I dreamt she died but she was a vampire so she came back to life.

Fluid undulating movements transcend time and place.

In the near future we may learn to replace our pulsating wet body parts with metallic ones.

Link your organism to the environment as an unbroken whole.

I see the movement of ocean fish personified in human movement.

Love has arrived on Earth.

What was the question?



(Make him pull the answers out of you. Don’t offer anything.)

My client is prepared to commence litigation to obtain compensation for the financial damage, damage to her reputation and emotional distress.

Ms C fired my client from teaching in the studio and locked her out. 

She abruptly and unilaterally cancelled her written contract. 

Prayer exceeds $25,000.

The damage to her reputation caused her existing national client base to cease to engage her in this work.

She removed my client’s name and teaching schedule from the organization’s website.

Her job performance was excellent by any measure.

Stop this line of questioning. 

(He’s asked that many times.) 

(I instruct you not to answer.)

Why are you asking it again? 

It doesn’t make any sense. 

Please, please.

This is ridiculous.

This is irrelevant. 

It’s unlikely this line of questioning is going to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence to this lawsuit.

I’ve let you go on badgering with your style of questioning long enough.

You’ve asked the question several times. 

This happened 30 years ago.

This has been asked and answered.

Break up your questions. 

Which one do you want her to answer?

She answered that already.

Stop this line of questioning.
I instruct you not to answer any more questions about why you went to Mexico.

Read back the question. 

Which one do you want her to answer?

Too much in there for her to answer.

Asked and answered.

This was asked and answered.

Why are you covering it again?

I think you should break it up. 

Asked and answered. 

Asked and answered.

Stop this line of questioning. 


I instruct you not to answer.

This doesn’t make any sense.
You’ve asked the question several times.

Asked and answered.

Asked and answered.

Unilaterally asked and answered.