Million Dollar Red

 Million Dollar Red a one-act play

(running time: 15 minutes)

In the one act play Million Dollar Red, a mother speaks to the audience, as if we've just met. (That's how she speaks to everybody.) And of course, she tells us much more than she means to. We not only get all the gory (and hilarious) details of her high hopes and many divorces, we get weirder (and progressively darker) hints of what her daughter went through growing up as a beautiful, accessible, but (inevitably) helpless extension of her mother's charm--in relation to all those well meaning but (also inevitably) sex-obsessed men.

Please note: 2 minutes into this video (converted from a VHS tape), a slight hissing sound occurs. The actor can still be heard. Please bear with it. Starting at minute 4, until the end, the sound is perfectly clear.


The Mother

Jane Galloway

The Daughter

Sue Hogan

Stage set by

Gleah Powers

Directed by

Gleah Powers & F.X. Feeney


John Prince’s Flying Cross Art Center,

Laguna Beach, CA

Highways Performing Arts Theatre,

Santa Monica, CA