Red Savina Review 1.2, Fall 2013

New Online Lit Mag From the Southwest Brings Spiciness and Zest, Review of Red Savina Review, Fall 2013,”MaryLee MacDonald, “… two stories by Gleah Powers: “Abortos” and “Pink Flamingos.” The first story is about a young, woman artist who crosses the border to help a friend have an abortion. The second story is about the two women five years later. Emotionally powerful, risk-taking and truthful, these are stories I want to read and reread….” The Review Review


Pink Flamingos

I visited Arlene at the three-bedroom ranch-style house that she and her husband, Frenchy, had just bought on Osborn Road near the old Holiday Inn in Phoenix. Sitting on a black Naugahyde barstool at the kitchen counter, I looked through the Venetian blinds at the front yard while Arlene, wearing a reddish-brown Afro wig, made margaritas in a blender. Water from the sprinklers made half-circle arcs over the yard, which was bare and smelled of manure. Arlene said Frenchy had just put the grass in. 

          I hadn’t talked to her in five years.

This story is now part of my memoir, Million Dollar Red.