Edna and Luna

An appealing story of human resilience and connection with two memorable female protagonists [who] build an uneasy alliance that evolves into family.Kirkus Reviews


Edna and Luna features a colorful cast of characters and a touching ending.NewPages

A magical odyssey, both internal and external, through the American Southwest. —Jillian Lauren, NY Times Bestselling Author of Some Girls: My Life in a Harem

Powers creates a world you want to stay in, characters you wish you were meeting in your own supermarket, characters you wish were knocking at your door. —Carol Potter, Author of Some Slow Bees

I fell in love with this novella from the very first sentence. —Alistair McCartney, Author of The End of the World Book

Edna and Luna, in the end, is an oasis for the human soul. —John M. Gist, Founding Editor, Red Savina Review

…brilliantly observed and poignantly funny… —Marylee MacDonald, Author of Bonds of Love and Blood and Montpelier Tomorrow

From a crabby widow who runs over people's toes with her grocery cart to a woman who chooses fruit by its vibration, Edna and Luna reminds us that family can be found in the most unlikely people. The developing bond and each woman’s curious background definitely make the book difficult to put down. —Tammy Gonzales, Associate Editor, Southwestern American Literature

Set in the American Southwest, Edna and Luna is the story of two women: a lonely, recently widowed eccentric and a much younger new age healer. Facing old age and a hysterectomy, Edna, at 70, reminisces and ruminates about her losses as she makes unsuccessful attempts to start a new life. She tries to befriend her hairdresser, her gardener and a man she meets at a senior dance who makes sexual advances in the swimming pool. Luna, at 35, ridiculed since childhood for her unorthodox gift of healing, has left a violent husband before moving to a local trailer park. Despite Edna’s initial suspicions that Luna is both out of her mind and after her money, their relationship becomes an odyssey filled with unpredictable depths and discoveries for both women.

Edna and Luna is a Vine Leaves Press publication


Publication date: September 28, 2016

Genre: Literary Fiction, Novella

Paperback: ISBN-13: 978-1-925417-18-0

ePub: ISBN-13: 978-1-925417-19-7

Kindle ASIN: B01L2KOAF2